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Seeking Justice For Clients

Florida Trend magazine in October 2012 featured Reggie in a special article,
“Mercy Mission: Reggie Garcia helps convicted felons get their rights back.”

Reggie TV Interview

Reggie is an AV Preeminent®-rated attorney by Martindale-Hubbell, achieving the rating agency’s highest marks for both competency and ethics. 

* The Florida Department of Corrections has banned "How To Leave Prison Early" because it contains identifying information about current inmates. If a state inmate orders it, the prison will not accept delivery and return the book to sender.

As a lawyer and state government lobbyist, Reggie Garcia has:

•   20+ years experience presenting clemency cases to four Florida governors - and numerous cabinet members - of both political parties;
•   Visited inmates and staff at 28 Florida prisons;
•   Been approved by the Office of Executive Clemency to handle death penalty clemency cases based on a new 2014 law;
•   Testified before Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet when the new clemency rules were approved in 2011;
•   Met with parole commissioners and their professional staffs on clemency and parole cases;
•   Published legal articles in magazines and “opinion editorials” in newspapers;
•   Given speeches to state associations and community groups on these early release strategies;
•   Worked with the lawyers and other “clemency aides” and “parole examiners” who do the nuts and bolts research and make recommendations;
•   Appeared on national network and cable TV, state and local broadcast affiliate stations, on the radio, and in magazines and newspapers to discuss criminal justice issues;
•   Worked with the Florida Department of Corrections’ staff to research clemency, parole and related administrative matters; and
•   Spoken to correctional officers in 2004 at the third – largest federal women’s prison in the country.

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