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Author, Attorney Giving Ex-Inmates a 'Second Chance'

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) -- A local lawyer is again putting his years of experience to good use.

Attorney and author Reggie Garcia has penned another book: Second Chances: Florida Pardons, Restoration of Civil Rights, Gun Rights and More.

According to Garcia, Florida has more than 1.5 million convicted felons who often face challenges when they reenter the civilian world.

So Second Chances aims to help these ex-offenders get back on their feet.

"The purpose... is to inspire and empower the reader by explaining the types of executive clemency available for convicted felons - including full and conditional pardons, restoration of civil rights (RCR), firearm authority and more - which can be granted by the four-member Florida Board of Executive Clemency comprised of the governor and members of the Florida Cabinet," said Garcia.

Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham was chairman of Florida’s clemency board when he served as the state’s governor from 1979 to 1987. Of Second Chances, he said, "Mr. Reggie Garcia has spent much of his legal career advising clients and state policy makers on clemency and closely observing its evolution over recent decades. For anyone who wants to understand how the king – now governor and cabinet – dispenses discretionary justice in Florida, this is the book to read."

Garcia has more than 20 years presenting clemency cases to four different Florida governors and Cabinet members. This latest 116-page book follows this early 2015 debut book How to Leave Prison Early: Florida Clemency, Parole and Work Release. It's earned 26 "Five Gold Star”" customer reviews and frequents Amazon's Top 100 rank in the Criminal Law Procedure category.

Second Chances: Florida Pardons, Restoration of Civil Rights, Gun Rights and More is currently available as a Kindle edition download. A paperback version is coming soon.

For more information on Reggie Garcia and his work, click here.

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